Launching a new product, supporting your existing operations, revolutionizing an existing market, all these examples of applications require a deliberate technological approach that takes into account all the functional needs of your application. At AKIL we understand that this process is stressful, you have a lot of questions and not always answers, or answers that are difficult to understand if you don’t spend 12 hours a day in front of lines of code. We simplify things for you, first by taking the time to understand exactly what you need so that we can make you a proposal that you understand, budget included, and with your approval, we will accompany you through to delivery and beyond. So don’t hesitate:
  • Do you need a web application tailored exactly to your business?
  • Do you dream of a mobile application that will revolutionize a market?
  • Does your business need a backoffice to make it easier to manage?
We stand ready with the right solution, according to your budget and time constraints.
Choosing AKIL for your web and/or mobile project means ensuring that your project is designed, developed, deployed and maintained by a dynamic and competent team. Your project will be completely:
  • Analyzed and separated into functional sections by a Project Manager according to an Agile method.
  • Design with a modern look by one of our UX/Design professionals
  • Developed by one of our Front End Angular Specialists, React, and React Native for today’s web
  • Supported by a modern and fast API, from one of our Back End/API developers Symfony and NodeJS,
  • Fully and constantly tested by one of our QA Testers.
  • Deployed on a quality hosting provider of your choice according to CI/CD best practices.
The common thread in this process is the Scrum methodology, which is recognized worldwide as an adept at delivering higher quality products and applications incrementally and at lower cost.

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