Impacting the ecosystem of Ivorian startups in terms of registration form technology:

The ecosystem of Ivorian startups is changing, and every day we see the birth of new solutions that want to change the way Ivorians live, work and play. Launching and growing a startup is an extremely difficult exercise despite appearances, especially when it is difficult to find the right talent or technology partnership. Technology is at the heart of the majority of startups that set up shop, and ensuring a good strategy and technological implementation is one of the crucial elements to ensure the long-term success of a startup, and even when you have a technical team, it is always more reassuring to know that the processes and techniques put in place will contribute positively to the current operations. , but also position themselves well to support these operations at scale. Technology is at the heart of what we do in AKIL where we have developed many of these expertise not only on our client projects, but also on our own product, AKILCAB, the first African SAAS platform that manages transactions between accountants, companies and professional and government institutions. We also strongly believe in the potential of Ivorian startups and want to contribute to their growth. To this end, we have decided to launch AKIL Kares,a free technology consulting program for growing startups.


The AKIL Kares program is designed for interested Ivorian startups with a technical team that would like to get help in technology consulting. AKIL Kares does not mean that we will develop your application for you. Our contribution will be limited purely to the consulting and strategy level in order to help your technical team:

  • evolve the processes and techniques behind implementing your app
  • Give your team access to technical collaborators and experts in different technologies for technical discussions and validations
  • If necessary, establish a technology roadmap that includes our recommendations based on our understanding of your application and growth plans


In order to have the maximum impact and to direct our resources well, interested startups must respect the following basic rules:

  1. Company declared legally
  2. Have a technical team of at least 2 developers


In order to have the maximum impact and to direct our resources well, interested startups must respect the following basic rules:

The registration process is simple and the 5 selected startups will be notified individually.

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Interview with AKIL to determine your eligibility


Once your startup has been selected, we will follow the following process.

  1. General interview
    1. Understand your business
    2. Understand your technology stack
  2. Technical interviews
    1. Meetings between AKIL developers and your developers
  3. Establishing the final report and the technology roadmap
  4. Presentation of the final report

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